Hedgehog decline
10th February 2018
It's been revealed that sadly, our woodland friend the humble hedgehog is under threat. In rural areas, their population has halved since 2000 and in towns and cities, numbers have fallen by a third. So they need our help and with some very small changes in our gardens we can all do something. A simple thing is a hedgehog highway to allow access from garden to garden is just a small hole in your fence the size of a cd case if that is all you do it will help, or you could just leave a small patch in your garden to go wild they love to forage in long grass were they feel save, grow some wild flowers in with the grass it will look good and help bees and butterflies as well. If you have the room a log pile is a great help it will encourage insects a food source for birds and hedgehogs if you make it so they can get under the pile yet another safe place to hide and sleep during the day. In a quiet corner you could provide a house you can get them at most garden centres on the internet and from Hetties or you can make one yourself, put in nice dry bedding and who knows come baby season a mum could choose your garden to have her litter and you could be privileged and see when mum brings them out for the first time.
Then that just leaves food and water. Some meat based cat food in jelly or cat biscuit will keep your visiting hedgehog happy or you can buy hedgehog food we buy ours from a company called Ark WildLife (There is a link on our donations page). To save you from feeding the local cats you can use feeding station you can see how to make one on our site in News under feeding station. Then some clean fresh water that is important for all wildlife. If you can get your neighbours to keep just the highway open that will make huge difference. Just small changes from us huge help for them.

Our feeding station and log pile.
Merry Christmas
24th December 2017
We would like to wish all of our friends and supporters a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and to thank you all for the support you have given us in 2017. So if you have seen us at a fete or made a Paypal Donation used the Amazon Wish List or helped us in the rescue or home cared some of our Hogs you are all amazing and to every one of you THANK YOU.
Craft Day
22nd October 2017
Recently we were donated some wonderful craft items so we decided to have a craft sale
yesterday in our garden and in spite of the wind witch gave us a bit of a challenge it turned out to be a really good day with all who turned up being very generous.Thank you to all who came and to Stella & Karon for all their beautiful handy work.
St Ippolyts C.E. Primary School Hedgehog Day
07th October 2017
On Friday we went to St Ippolyts C.E. Primary School for morning assembly to give a Hedgehog Day talk. The school had been talking about hedgehogs and asked us to go along and we had a lovely morning with them. As you will see in one of the photos they had a huge collection of food for us as well as cash donations to help in the work we do. A big thank you to all the children and staff for their warm welcome and their generosity.
Feeding Station.
15th September 2017
This is our latest hedgehog house/feeding station, we are using it as a feeding station in our garden with the added brick tunnel to make sure no unwanted visitors get the food. The roof lifts off so it's easy to get the food in and to clean so can be left in a permanent postion in a corner of your garden, preferably near a boundary.
It is better to use dried food as the smell is not as strong so is less likely to attract cats. Also remember to leave out fresh water this is very important for all wildlife.

You can also make one.
Take an under bed storage box and cut out a small hole in one of the edges about the size of a cd, cover with duct tape any of the edges that are rough.
Place a brick inside the box and put the food on the other side this helps the hogs feel safe and stops cats being able to twist round to get to the food or other animals getting their paws inside to drag the food out .
Hedgehogs like meaty cat or dog wet food but we tend to use dried food, small cat biscuit or you can buy wild hedgehog food a few sunflower hearts and a sprinkling of meal worm (but not too many).
Replace the lid and put a heavy brick on top to stop larger animals knocking it over to get the food out.
And once again fresh water.
New Hogspital up and running.
19th May 2017
A week off work and lots of help from family and the new hogspital is ready. We need to thank Daniel for donating a days work and the cost of the base on Monday then Wednesday the shed arrived then over the rest of the week it was painting, insolation, flooring, electrics, fitting the washable walling for most of that we must thank Paul and Amanda then there was new slabs laid and the garden got back to some order and now it's done.

Donation from Aylwards of Crews Hill
09th May 2017
Aylwards Is a family run business based in Enfield North London they manufacture and supply quality timber fencing, trellis and sheds. We contacted them recently when we were looking for a new shed for our Hogspital extension. They apologised for delay getting back to us and said they would like to help. When we told them we had a shed now they said they would like to help us in some way and have since made a very generous donation and for that we Thank them.They are very nice people who care about wildlife.
A Link to their web site is on our links page.
Hitchin Veterinary Surgery
02nd March 2017
The Hitchin Veterinary Surgery is very kindly helping Hetties with all our vet needs at their new surgery. With the most up-to-date equipment, friendly service and the fact that nothing seems to be to much trouble we are sure they will be invaluable to us and we can not thank them enough. You will find a link to their website our links page.
Ark Wildlife Charity Partner Scheme.
26th February 2017
We have joined the Ark Wildlife Charity Partner Scheme this means if you are a new customer and buy anything from their website through the link on our website they donate some of the money back to Hetties. If you go to the links page our website you will find the link to their home page where you can find everything they do for all garden visitors.
Shed Appeal
19th February 2017
Since we have become a rescue we have found the demand is greater than the room we have, we need to expand into a larger shed we have had some quotes for the materials we need and even with us doing the work we are looking at about £1,500.So we are asking our supporters to help us even more. If you can help please go to our Donations page and give whatever you can.

Thank You
02nd August 2016
Hetties Hogstel is up and running so we have added some Stories from the Hogstel so you can keep up to date with the progress of our Hogs in residents.
As you can guess this time of year is very busy and costly so if you could help us with anything from our Amazon Wishlist or by using our Donate Button that would be very helpful.

Other News
16th July 2016
With the increasing amounts of newspaper and food we have been collecting and delivering we found it necessary to buy a van for Hetties we have also set up what we call our Hogstel for the overspill from Shepreth we look after with some nice new hutches that we got from Frog End Pet Supplies at a discounted price so we must thank them. Both items have been funded by ourselves, so all donations to Hetties can be used for hedgehogs and their care.
Summer Fundraising
16th July 2016
Hello again I know it's been a long time but with one thing and another I have got a bit behind with the website, so now I want to try to bring you up to date with what we've been up to. Since the last posting in March we have been very busy at weekends at Fetes and Summer Fairs all over fundraising and what a great time we have had and the support has been amazing starting at Easter at Milton Ernest Garden Centre and ending at Pirton Summer Fair last weekend. We would like to thank all of you who came along and said hello and with your kind donations and your encouragement you made what we do all worth while. So to all of you in Meldreth, Chrishall, Hexton,High Wych School, Arlesey Thank You.
We also had a great weekend at the Whitwell Steam and Country Fair and for that weekend we owe a special thank you to Amber Leisure in Luton for their donation of a motorhome for us to stay in on site their kindness made the weekend a whole lot better. I have added a link to their web site on the links page.

All your generosity has allowed us to supply a much needed Nebuliser and oxygen chamber to Shepreth Hedgehog Hospital and still have funds in the bank for the next piece of equipment they need.

Milton Ernest Easter Craft Fair
20th March 2016
On Saturday 26th March Hetties will be at Milton Ernest Garden Centre for their Easter Craft Fair come along and see Tiny our tombola Hedgehog and see if you can win with his lucky spines and we have lot of bits for you to buy knowing all the money we raise is going to help the nations favourite mammal.In this months Gardeners World Magazine 48% of readers have never seen a Hedgehog and 78% say we must act to save them from extinction and we all can do our bit.

We had a great day at Milton Ernest so would like to thank Ellie and the staff for inviting us and all the people who gave so generously Thank You. All the funds raised will go to help Hedgehogs.
Meldreth Craft Fair
20th March 2016
Hetties had a good day at Meldreth Craft Fair on Saturday we met lots of nice people who had an interest in Hedgehogs and were keen to help with our fund raising.As well as raising funds we also need to raise awareness of the help our prickly friends need and thankfully lots of people were keen to talk about the ways they can help.
While at the fair other stall holders were very kind in donating some of their items for us to sell to raise the much needed funds to help Shepreth Hedgehog Hospital and Home Carers cary on the great work they do,so a big thank you has to go to them.
Make and Create and Jewellery by Julie.
Wish list items.
12th March 2016
Today we delivered to Shepreth Hedgehog Hospital a lot of goodies that had been donated
by people that had used the Amazon Wish List on Hetties website.We would like to thank all of our supporters for their generosity.
Thank you from Shepreth.
12th March 2016
This week we were given this Thank you from SWCC Shepreth Hedgehog Hospital for the support we have given them since we set up Hetties Helpers but it would not be possible without the help of our supporters so the Thank you is to all of you.
Hetties in the news.
05th March 2016
We would like to thank the Hertfordshire Mercury for the donation of newspapers and for the interest they have taken in the work Hetties do for Shepreth Hedgehog Hospital. This is the article they printed.
24th January 2016
This is Sparkle one of the Famous Five we are looking after her bed had to be cleaned out so we let her have a look around the garden for her first time she took a liking to this old flower pot. More pictures in the gallery.

They Need Our Help
18th January 2016
Hedgehogs are in trouble in the UK as reports come in that fewer hedgehogs are seen every year. Recent surveys show that hedgehog numbers declined by approximately a third between 2002 and 2012 and sightings fell by 4 percent just in 2014.
In the past, gamekeepers killed hedgehogs because they ate the eggs of game birds. Today they are regarded as beneficial and is often called the gardener's friend as it eats large numbers of slugs, snails and other garden pest.
The once common Hedgehog is now under threat from development and habitat loss. Combined, our gardens provide a space for wildlife larger than all our National Nature Reserves, so by gardening in a wildlife-friendly way, we can help our spiny companions to find a home and to move safely between habitats to find mates and food.
Thousands of hedgehogs die every year for a variety of reasons, most of them caused by humans.
Roads Traffic There is a lot more traffic so crossing roads has become increasingly hazardous and the Hedgehogs defence when in danger is to roll up all to many end up dead. Chemicals The use of garden chemicals such as insecticides and slug pellets is a threat. They reduce the natural food available. Also, tiny quantities of chemicals are present in slugs and beetles and as Hedgehogs may eat hundreds of these every month they can soon accumulate enough poison to affect their health.
Drowning If a hedgehog falls into a swimming pool or steep-sided pond, it often drowns because it cannot climb up the smooth sides so put something in the water that the Hedgehog can climb to get out.
If you have a Hedgehog in the garden, you can help it out by putting down a little cat or dog food (meat based) and some fresh water. Another thing you can do is not be to tidy leave some grass to get long where the Hog can forage for food and a pile of leaves or logs for it to hibernate under. But don't forget to check your bonfire before you light it. We can also help hedgehogs by making sure we have access points to our gardens if your garden is walled you might want to consider removing a brick so that hedgehogs can pass through and a small hole cut in the bottom of your fence is all they need so they can get around safely.
If you can encourage them into your garden it will be a great help for them and for you to see nature at work.