Stories from the Hogstel

Update 20-11-16

So tomorrow it will be one year since we opened Hetties Helpers and what a year it has been the support has been very good and we managed
with your help to supply Shepreth Hedgehog Hospital with some much needed equipment as well as food and newspapers so for that we thank you all.

Now this month in the Hogstel has been very busy with calls from people finding under weight Hoglets to small to survive hibernation so they need to be collected and kept for the winter. Unfortunately among them there has been a lot with lungworm so they need to be treated for that and any other burden and then feed them up so they are ready to go of in the spring.

So how are Hogstel residents getting on well Keith who arrived 25/9 from Shepreth to get ready for release got to 657gms and with his checks clear on the 14/11 he went on his way.
The two we had that the mother abandoned Patsy & Quinn have done really well and will be released very soon. Nigel got to a good weight and was released on 12/11 and Olla has gone to another carer is well on her way to release. Then the end of October and in to November it's gone mad three found in Biggleswade one in Broom two in a garden in Letchworth and one that was taken in to Shepreth while Nicola was there they were full so it came home but that one gained weight and has gone back today to be released back in the garden where it was found. The nice thing about all of this is all the finders want them back in there gardens as soon as they can. On the 14/11 a call from a family who while clearing their garden came across a mother with four hoglets, mother was a good size and healthy so has gone on her way but the hoglets all have lungworm and sadly the smallest one has died but the other three are on meds and are so far doing well. We also have two both found in Pirton on different days but are a similar size so are in together as we still a bit over crowded. One last thing Daisy has gone on her way but Carla is still waiting to get her eyes checked.
Thank you for taking an interest in our web site and caring about Hedgehogs.

Update 13-10-16

Now in October and still very busy, Shepreth Hedgehog Hospital is caring for over 90 Hogs and the hoglets are still coming. So what did we get up to in September since the last update we have been called out about six time to sick or young Hogs with some good outcomes and some not so good. One call came when we were away on a course on Hedgehog First Aid,Care & Rehabilitation at Vale Wildlife Hospital so we had to call on our helpers Amanda & Paul to go and collect two small hoglets that had been found in a garden, she then done a great job of getting the fly strike off, cleaning up a wound one had and getting them warm when she had done all she could to make them comfy she got them to the hospital manager to carry on helping them. On the 15-09-16 we had a call from Trevor who was concerned that one of his regular Hogs to his garden looked to have a Tick Burden so we asked him to catch it if he could. On the 17th he called so we collected the Hog she weighed 299gms and did have ticks and looked under weight but with the ticks removed a few days feeding up and all clear sample from the hospital Fiona was good to go and on the 25th was back in Trevor's garden.

On Friday 23-09-16 while we were dropping newspapers and an injured hog we had picked up in Stevenage to Shepreth they had a call from someone who's dog had disturbed a nest that had a mother with five babies and asked if they could bring them in. She didn't want to keep them in her garden as her dogs would not leave them alone. We met her she had been asked by the Hospital to collect the whole nest in a box and not to touch the babies which she had done, we got them home and put them in an outdoor pen and hoped for the best unfortunately in the morning the mother had moved into another box only taking two Hoglets with her luckily the three were left in the nest so were not to cold so we had a chance to save them so it was three hourly feeds over the weekend then to the hospital manager for on going care and we are glad to say they are still going strong.

A week later the mother for some reason moved the last two out of the nest so now we have them to care for but they are doing fine.

24-09-16 While working in the Hostel in the evening we saw a visitor to our garden with a lot of ticks so he was picked up and Nicola removed all the ticks she could
Thirty-six in all then put him into a pen with some food and water to let him rest, over the next three days she got another Eight off him and with a few days rest and a clear sample he was on his way.
On the 25th Keith arrived from the Hospital only 155gms but just needing feeding up ready for release he is doing fine now at 342gms and gaining every day.

On the 30th a call from a friend in Baldock she had found a Hog wandering around in the road during the day luckily she caught it and kept it till we could get there we got back Hostel Nicola again had ticks to remove (there seems to be a lot around this year) after a check over at the Hospital and a bit of feeding up he went back to Baldock.

October the 1st two new arrivals from the hospital for feeding up for release Nigel 433gms & Ola 165gms both are doing fine and are putting on weight.

Now a quick update on some of our older residents Carla & Daisy you might remember all has not been well with these two Carla we think may be blind so is still with us waiting to be checked and Daisy still in the Hospital being treated for lungworm.

Bobby who arrived in July weighing 201gms went on his way at 683gms with Willow from another carer to a release site set up at Centre Parcs in Woburn

Eddie arrived 30-08-16 only 190gms and was a little star since then he has piled on the grams that Hog could eat. He became a bit of a hit on Facebook eating his favourite dried bugs. He has been out in a release pen for the last two nights but has not yet left. Sorry change that Nicola has just came in and said he has come out of the pen and in to one of the hog houses in the garden.