Hetties Helpers Hedgehog Rescue Letchworth Hertfordshire

First we would like to thank you for your interest in our website. We set up Hetties Helpers because we have a love of all things wildlife but the Hedgehog became very special too us when we found a very small one in our garden in November a few years ago, we thought it should be hibernating so we picked it up, and a quick look on the web confirmed that it was to small to survive hibernation. What now? Nicola asked. I had previously made a delivery to what I was told would be a Hedgehog Hospital at Shepreth Wildlife Park so we gave them a call, they asked if we could take it over for them to have a look at it so we did and thats when it all started.
Once Nicola had seen all the small and sick Hedgehogs in need of help there was no looking back she became a volunteer and did everything she could to help. The little hog we found we named Sir Rattler because he had a chest infection so rattled a bit when he breathed but the hospital sorted him out so he came home to us for the rest of the winter. Spring time came and the first of our hog family was fit and well so was released back in our garden to carry on his life. To see the first Hog that we had helped on his way was a great feeling. Being around the Hospital and meeting Home Carers we saw the need for fundraising. So we set up Hetties Helpers to raise awareness and much needed funds. This we did by attending events where we can spread the word and sell our merchandise as well as school visits for talks. Things have changed Hetties is now a Hedgehog Rescue and with that comes a lot of costs food, vet bills is just the start so the need for funds is even more important.
If you would like to Help us Help Them please have a look on our Donations page to see the ways you can.
Thank You
Kevin & Nicola.